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"My parents and 2 volunteers the lines are getting longer, this is what transpired today when the distribution was over. The two of them were extremely late and everything was up already so they took it upon themselves to dig that last bit out of the pot"
we provide food for 540 meals a week to Begotteen gives and they have to limit their soup kitchen to 2 meals of average 261 each day to make what they get work (with other sponsors for a more veges over and above what we are able to give which only lasts a few days veges wise a month so we are mostly able to prioovide the samp beans sugar and maize and some condiments and other only.
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<![CDATA[a MEDITATION to practice : observations after drop offs to Homeless folk causal Workers and recyclers]]>Thu, 04 Aug 2022 07:34:54 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/food-sharing-blog-2022/a-meditation-to-practice-observations-after-drop-offs-to-homeless-folk-causal-workers-and-recyclers
28 packets of maize and instant maize 
14  packets 1kg sugar 
14 packets teabags

its very simple to meditate on this . here is  a meditation 
with your in breath imagine waking up to your smell of sweat and having nowhere to clean
with your outbreath imagine cool water over you skin  
and wish it for those who dont have it 
​with your in breath , imagine eating raw food (not unaffordable fruit either) uncooked when its wet and cannot cook on a fire and you also have no electricity 
​with your outbreath 
 imagine the warmth of your stomach after aa meal of cooked oats and wish it for those who dont have it 
with your inbreath imagine the wet ground cold at night but wet at night when it rains due to leaks in a shack  and wish it for those who dont have it 
without your outbreath imagine the the worth of your carpet on your feet stepping out of bed  and wish it for those who dont have it 
with your in breath imagine the drunken shouting due to alcolhol by those trying to escape the pain 
with your outbreath enjoy the silence in your home at night and wish it for tiose who dont have it 
with you in breath imagine the anxiety at night and any time knowing yu are no t protected and a gang member might start shooting or a drunken violent scene of robbery or abuse erupts in your home 
with your outbreath imagine the safety you feel behind your 4 solid walls and wish it for tiose who dont have it 


Although we define a home by a fixed structure, we all know its lot more than that to us . its hot water , electricity, no leaks, privacy and security. 
So when we define homeless as merely sa structure (fixed abode) we are assuming other having none of the above have homes. The 2021 State of South African Cities report released by the South African Cities Network (SACN). tell us that 1 in 5 people in cape town and Johannesburg and all metros  live in informal housing see source 

<![CDATA[INGENUITY LOADING A TROLLEY WITH GUTTERING -RECYCLERS . HELP US CREATE AWARENESS OF CAPETOWN RECYCLERS WORK!]]>Thu, 28 Jul 2022 08:42:30 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/food-sharing-blog-2022/ingenuity-loading-a-trolley-with-guttering-recyclers-gt-inspire-your-friends
I watched also as a steel door thrown away was put on top of a trolley and then a vacuum cleaner and another on top of that .. these guys and women get it right first time ..such experience. you and I would not doubt be at a loss had we needed to do this, never mind the sheer eight of pushing average 10 to 15 kilometres. I doubt there are many poep0le as tough as these folk on the planet. we should be applauding there efforts. the guttering and steel door means a significant increase in daily wages.. i just wouldnt have left on in the trash cause i thought it would be impossible to handle, today i was proved Wrong. please like FACEBOOK PAGE HERE  and see more  recycling stories thank you !
so how can you help ? ..you can either donate TO us at https://homelessfriends.org.za/how-to-donate.html to help us increase quantity of food for distribution 1 kg e 2 lollipops for their kids , sugar and tea helps but the quantities we can give are small )
or you can share this post and let your friends know the inspiring backstories of people they might not give a second thought too . ( we keep reminding every average salary is 70 per day and recyclers always always they are so grateful for kids and other stuff
even if you don't share the post tell your friend just remind them and make this subject of conversations it deserves to be !
#permission was asked for publishing the photos.
INGENUITY LOADING A TROLLEY WITH GUTTERING -RECYCLERS > HELP RAISE AWARENESS PLEASE ! on our regular food drops ne came across this recycler loading guttering onto a trolley by bending them in half with his hand. amazing ingenuity.. ( the photos are in sequence to show the process ) 
<![CDATA[how to help recyclers in more than one way]]>Thu, 14 Jul 2022 08:09:37 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/food-sharing-blog-2022/how-to-help-recyclers-in-more-than-one-way
This is Ashwin and friends who agreed we could publicize their details. Ashwin moves this trolley, quite an average-sized one, every day between tokai and kirstenhof back to retreat recycler s earning in an average R70 to R80 a day
Its 9.42am now. This is what he has collected since 5.30 am in the rain. Having to scrounge through bins and old food to find what he needs because people's consciousness is sadly still so low about recyclables needing to be kept seperate. In the townhouse, i live over 60 units perhaps 5 separate their trash in the garbage rooms. even though there is a notice kindly suggesting it in the garbage room..
He has 2 kids 10 and 12. On behalf of him and the amazing recyclers working to save the planet even if through the duress of an extremely unequal society, perhaps youd like to share this to raise our consciousness just that little bit even one more person .
Imagine talking to these guys and women. We wave at each other and smile. People who work this hard know gratitude on a level that I just don't.
It doesn't cost much to leave a nice little pack once a month near your bin with a thankyou note with some tea sugar maize and some sweets for the kids or anything else see our page
www.homelessfriends.org.za where thank your kind sponsors and facebooks
Casual Labourers and Family Support Project and Circle of Compassion

<![CDATA[The day of a recycler]]>Thu, 30 Jun 2022 09:16:13 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/food-sharing-blog-2022/the-day-of-a-recycler
We can learn a lot from talking to people on a  regular basis outside the station of our lives. Probably more than in any newspaper or statistics of crime records. Not only can we learn a lot but we can find our hearts melt and our  determination to keep helping strengthened as well as to encourage others too to do the same.

 On my request Denzel, with an easy smile, offerred to tell the events of his daily life and publish it .   educated me about the life of a recycler this morning at the very modest food drop off to 9 different families .

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He leaves home at 4.45 AM in lavender hill in kirstenhof walking the approx 6 km in search of plastic, paper or other slightly more valuable items in the garbage.

​Depending on what he finds a bad day (there are many ) is R50 after dropping off at the 3 recycling deposits in retreat, an average is R100, a very very good day is R200

he supports himself and his mom . he gets home after pushing a heavily laden trolley probably about 20 km in all at roughly midday

today he told us our parcel of 2 * 1 kg maize + 500g sugar ( 1 kg maize = only R12 ) and small bag tea bags would go straight to his mom. they don't eat maize every day he said but it would last about 3 meals as they invited the other families or neighbors kids to eat too (about 4 _ for meal )
those of us that separate our  trash make a very difficult day much more pleasant 
those of us that now and chat to our recyclers saving our planet more than most iid do, are performing what might seem small acts of kindness, but ripple far wider than we might imagine 

Your donations to our hunger relief projects would be most welcome
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<![CDATA[Begotten giverS NPO soup kitchen in delft  - james is 11 years old (thank you noleen and cooks )]]>Mon, 13 Jun 2022 15:16:57 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/food-sharing-blog-2022/begotten-givers-npo-soup-kitchen-james-is-11-years-old-thank-you-noleen

(names of children have been changed to protect their privacy ) ​This is james he is 11 years old. He is a regular at the soup kitchen. When he was asked how he is doing and why he comes to the soup kitchen. His reply was that he is okay and that he comes to the soup kitchen because he is hungry and when asked whether he likes the food he replied that the food at the soup kitchen is always very nice. He explains that there isnt always in the house to get by, but the soup kitchen makes it a bit better to know that on Tuesday and Thursday getting soup, maize meal or cooked food and on a Friday his mom can fetch some veggies to make food aswell. Thank you to the sponsors who is giving the items to secure us with a plate of food for the 3days a week. thank you so much to rokpa and private donors 
your donations to our hunger relief projects would be most welcome
 would be most welcome ​DONATE HERE
<![CDATA[story about noxolo from  nokubonga who runs the bonga place of hope NPO]]>Tue, 31 May 2022 08:18:52 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/food-sharing-blog-2022/story-about-noxolo-from-nokubonga-who-runs-the-bonga-place-of-hope-npo
(names of children have been changed to protect their privacy ) we ask Noxolo is the meal helpful to her and  she told us the meal is very helpful  because at school when she did not eat she used to feel sleepy all the time.
because she's hungry now she's eating at Bongas Place Of Hope HUB she can play with other kids at school and she's not feel shmmmm 

we asked again where is Noxolo's parents who  told us both parents they always drunk so she feel at home with Bongas Place Of Hope HUB
​she's 8 years old so we are really thankful for our sponsors and mike . and rokpa to make it happen for our communities​