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Thanks  to Some of the donors who have already  contributed

Melissa and Gary Phelps from Icon Properties

Abdul Kader Parker from Top Up  Food Market

Bonteheuwel Shell garage

Last year Sandra and Belinda gave out 300 and are now aiming at 600 with your help !

if you are a business perhaps you can donate the proceeds of one sale or one service to this amazing event?
Sandra and Belinda will make arrangements to collect if you cant deliver or will record invoices and photos of shopping

Here is what you can help with that goes in box for each child.

Faceclothes Toothbrush Toothpaste Soap
Partypacket nicknaks and similar
Clothing ( sweater shorts anythign)
Anything in a box

This from Belinda:

To those who have pledged any kind of assistance for our Santa Shoebox, please note that our cut off date for any items or boxes are Nov 30 but you can still drop off until weekend of 7/8 Dec. If you cannot deliver to Bonteheuwel we can make alternate arrangements to collect or you can make a cash donation if you want to donate towards the food for the lunch for the kids. We are hoping to treat 600 kids..🙏🙏🙏 Please help us to make reach our goal and make our children happy...even for one day!!! You can call Belinda Barros on 065 992 2741 or Sandra Jantjies on 084 399 9483
<![CDATA[Workers and families in wynburg -what do they eat?]]>Wed, 24 Jul 2019 18:50:29 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/365-mandela-days/mandela-day-7-workers-and-families-in-wynburg-what-do-they-eat
This is a project in waiting for people living in wynberg and surrounds  to take up just in small acts of kindness individually. We are looking for Circle of Compassion volunteers to take it to heart and show on social medai and waiting for someone to make a commentsof generosity below when they repond kindly  ,followed by more
Rosmead avenue is just sadly one of so many streets where workers wait all day, coming long distances from townships for one day work @R150 sometimes a week and walk back every single day  dissapointed and hungry . Hunger is silent and we want to make it verbal so the good residents of wynburg find hands of compassion sharing clothes for these men and their kids and food  for the all to many days no work arrives. so plse leave your comments and please use the share buttons here WHATSAPP or other  and not only once and esp share with a friend of yours near that area.
<![CDATA[find food sponsors for venetia orgills Soup kitchens and CAMP EDGAR winter rehab camps]]>Fri, 19 Jul 2019 04:08:26 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/365-mandela-days/mandela-day-365-find-food-sponsors-for-venetia-orgill

when you find yourself in a realm
of turning away faces
your left hand shaking
your right hand crying

place your right hand of compassion
on your left
as it shakes
let a million tears flow
and fall to the world below

water droplets of love
nurturing food
washing away grief
washing the feet of the those noone remembers

we are everything thats needed
for everyone

It only needs us to turn again
into the fading light
shining love into the faces of sadness
and make them bright again

dedicated to work of venetia
KEEP THIS PROJECT ALIVE BY SHARING WITH THE COLOR WHATSAPP or FBOOK or toehr BUTTONS ON  LEFT OR WRITING A COMMENT BELOW   even if you are yourself unable to help  Venetia Orgill , who for so many years does a lot more than only feed hungry people. She feeds love to and hope ..She has not only  shared food for 1000s of people but taken those needing to recover from the pain of life who had little choice on the street but to do it through alcohol given the severe cold at night , the pain of being totally forgotten an reveiled. and given them hope on her CAMP EDGARS.. please CONTACT US  or VENETIA DIRECT AT 0844136760 her NPO is called DISCOVER YOUR POWER if you are a shop or food company or just want to contribute now and them . Venetia lies in Mitchells plain  SEE MORE BY CLICKING COMMENTS BELOW
<![CDATA[sheradia browns legendary salt river soup kitchen]]>Wed, 17 Jul 2019 18:44:39 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/365-mandela-days/mandela-day-364-sheradia-browns-legendary-salt-river-soup-kitchenPicture
Please use the share on whatsapp on fbook and all to make sure this  act of love from sheradia brown and breaking bread in both salt river and Obs
"This winter, Breaking Bread will continue to work with as many homeless people in Observatory and Salt River as possible, and we're asking for your assistance to do this.
Many of Cape Town's residents will be feeling the effects of the torrential rain and strong winds. While this may have caused significant issues for a great many people, it would be almost inconceivable to think about surviving outside during these conditions. Unfortunately, thousands of homeless people battle them every day and spaces in shelters has not improved recently.
Breaking Bread actively works with between 50 - 75 people every day by providing a meal via our Feeding Programme. We're still looking for some suitable premises, but this doesn't deter our tireless co-director Sheradia, who serves everyone from her own home in Salt River. At this time, we're only concentrating on feeding people and handing out physical donations (clothing, toiletries, feminine hygiene products).
This winter, please help us continue to provide some necessary provisions for the people we work with every day. We're hoping to raise R 10, 000 to help keep our organisation running. After paying for our year-end financials and outlaying all our remaining funds on our Feeding Programme, we're facing a struggle to cover next month's operational costs

<![CDATA[CelEBrity Needed for capetown]]>Tue, 16 Jul 2019 07:00:00 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/365-mandela-days/mandela-day-363-celberity-needed-for-capetown
 ISNT THIS AWESOME ! Does anyone know a celebrity in capetown or just a widely respected public figure that could support food sharing ! comments below please welcome