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Thanks to the generosity of jonathan stockton to , JASON in video, using  HAVEN FOOD AND SHOWER TICKETS we had kindly donated, Jason attended kalk bay haven and had two meals and shows this week but sadly can continue ONLY whilst we have funds

But he is one of MANY ,all over the peninsula who want and need food and who are hungry. We called THULI the social workers there and she confirmed he had attned 2 meals and shwoers -It seems he will want to continue this for some time but it puts us in quandry as we simply dont have the funds for just one person on long term basis.

However we would consider setting up a special fund if the public reuested for him.

When people arrive at haven KALK BAY we have advised Thuli soc worker if they ask for tickets we will try to pay for them if she just gives us a call.

However as we have said how many we can help depends on our local communities generosity

Unfortunely this wasnt a safe space to video and I could not continue - we also did a second video but he exposed his safe sleeping placeso we have not published it .  Of course Jason could benefit rom  many other types of empathy services. He is highly anxious as anyone would be livingon the street  and still relatively new ( 6 months ) to the danger on ths street.

What a pity no shelters can help him right now. Or can they? We appeal to shelter to see this and help too.It seems Kalk Bay Haven winter program is now full.


We are ALWAYS too low on funds to supply the many requests we get
<![CDATA[LOVE IS Food Haven food tickets CLOTHES and BLANKETS SHELTER and JOy. Acceptance comes before moving on.  Muizenburg]]>Wed, 26 Jun 2019 09:54:19 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/blog-haven-collaboration/may-25th-2019-food-outreach-clothes-and-blankets-and-love-at-muizenburg40 Blankets from rokpa bring winter joy !! ....One is humbled by how much joy a simple blanket can give joy , it not being in our experience to understand the levels of cold in the body these brave folk are exposed to .thanks you for your wonderful donation ROKPA INTERNATIONAL CHARITY
On May 25 Jennifer rands Peter van Heusden and his daughter and Deon Pretorius kindly helped distribute womens clothes colled by Fiona Pattersen from  Diep River and Mens clothes from in Ottery . These took real time and effort to collect and as youll see in the gallery of pictures everyone was so very grateful.



To a  hunge ry or cold person the first step is one of simple love .To a hungry person food is love. To a cold person the gift of blanket is love. Our motto reflect that of Ann Franks. " hunger is not a problem it an obscenity"

We also try and maintain relationships throughout the shelter journey and in a very small way with small handful of individuals within our small capacity, to a home one day see www.secondfamily.org.za

the truth is we didnt have enough clothes espcially certain type of clothes. We didnt have nearly enough Food (cureenlty whilst ROKPA kindly helps with blankets raincoats Food nor clothes is not possible ) .Please support our FOOD PACK AND FOOD TICKET HAVEN PROJECT HERE
and read Hunger statistics here

RAIN and COLD then yesterday 26/06 we started handing out ponchos raincoats also donated by www.rokpa.org.za in p reparation for the rains coming in 2 days time and so much more expected over winter
We have built up relationship through out personal one on one trips in a car to kalk bay shel;ter and gradually made headway encouraging oeple to take (very limited opporunities ot find shelter ) and or counselling with social workers .see our journey shelter project .To a  hunge ry or cold person the first step is one of simple love .To a hungry person food is love.To a cold person the gift of blanket is love. Our motto reflect that of Ann Frank "
We also try and maintina relatiopnships throughout the shelter journey to a hiome one day see www.secondfamily.org.za
<![CDATA[March 14 17th and 19th - 2019 food packs outreach and haven tickets]]>Sun, 17 Mar 2019 07:00:00 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/blog-haven-collaboration/march-14-17th-and-19th-2019-food-packs-outreach-and-haven-tickets
Some of the havent food ticket drop offs we did at Fish hoek and kalk bay  and wonderful rooties made by F Grace lin given to the Haven kalk bay for a supper and some of Graces and An anonymous  donors food packs in the kirstenhof area.........

always lovely to see faces soften and momentary respite at least......thanks again to everyone for your generosity

we really appreciate the HAVEN food ticket and FOOD OUTEACH donations  that help us keep doing this. please  
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<![CDATA[the unseen of glencairn and fish hoek]]>Fri, 01 Mar 2019 08:00:00 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/blog-haven-collaboration/the-unseen-of-glencairn-and-fish-hoekPicture
 Thinking of 3 people I met some weeks back when driving to Fish hoek, it is day that will stand out in my memory a long time .
Firstly I came across an older retired gentleman I knew who was reading a book near  the fish hoek station .....the concept of retiring living on the street is some what tragic considering the danger, cold and winter nights but since places in  the very few state subsidised retirement homes  like abbeyfield only become available when people pass on, the waiting list stretches from what one understands for years and years.
 He did not want to come or lunch at the Haven but thank to our donors I had some clothes he needed as , in an all too familiar story , his clothes had beeen stolen ( again ) One cannot carry bags around all day so without a safe space and lockers this is an all too common occurence.

I then came across a wonderful guy perhaps in his 40s. His movement were extremely  difficult and coordination too. affecting his speech walking and any movement really. As then when met him I feel the same now writing this ...simply no words that so many area abondoned on the stareetb in this coundition. Shelters cannot take such people but hardly any others places of safety exist. However there i was light in his eyes oince simply does not forgot. Nevertheless he was hungry and joined me in the car .......to go to lunch at Kalk Bay haven

On the way we picked up another gentleman in his 70s walking very slowly due to age . Sadly he too was hungry.......It turned out that he was from glencairn  ( quite a few kilometres walk from fish hoek for a person of his age and condition) and in fact had a place to stay which He was about to lose . A kind person had offerred at the bottom of thier garden but were now selling their house ..It was too unimaginable  one senses that he might be on the street soon in his frail condition but  a reality one becomes more familiar with if one looks around enough sadly
His main concern understandably was if he could get a lift back.

The haven that day was pretty busy but we useda few tickets to pay for lunch . We then made our way back to fish hoek and then glencairm where I tracvelled up one of the longest steepest hills in cape town oprobably .....the gentlemans place was at the very top.....It staggered me thinking of how long it would take him to climb that hill. I gave him my no in case one cojuld offer more help re shelter though that is for another article. He took it but some thign told me I would not hear from him again.

It was one of those days when ones mind goes very quiet. Contemplating such sadness as one must.

 it was nice as usual to also pass on haven tickets to other people  tickets for the week and those we met on the way  to go lunch  for the week.

we really appreciate the HAVEN food ticket and FOOD OUTEACH donations  that help us keep doing this. please  
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<![CDATA[SomethingS are difficult to talk about]]>Mon, 28 Jan 2019 08:00:00 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/blog-haven-collaboration/something-are-difficult-to-talk-about
 I met someone in lakeside on the way to haven for lunch at the haven and invited him along .He was at a bin looking for food. A man with real dignity but finding himself in a extremely difficult sitaaion it turned. He had come from tulbagh a few days back.

we went for lunch at the Haven (he is the fellow on the right in the picture )  The local Muizenburg homeless people 3 of whom, joined me this day for lunch didnt know him .

There was some thing of shocked look in his face and  one had the sense he hadnt been on the street a while

He told me he had come form tulbagh where there was no work hoping to find it in cape town.
.and in fact had walked the entire way, sleeping on the street on the way from Milnterton side.

Because it sounded so totally foreign to anything I had remotely expereinced my life, i too was shocked and as usual one goes inot a kind of denial as if it cant possibly true when the facts are so horrendous..


Plus the fact that he was very forthcoming when I asked questions but that clearly I could see was He was kind of in shock.

In any case he just wanted to go back to Tulbagh and wanted  money for train ticket

I suspended my disbelief..because yes some times its tough to now when one is getting as story or not.  We went to muizenburg train station and i bought  ticket. As soon as it passed hands he had this look of extreme urgency and beetled to the stations platform as fast as he could.

I felt a little ashamed tht I had even doubted his need.

we really appreciate the HAVEN food ticket and FOOD OUTEACH donations  that help us keep doing this. please  
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<![CDATA[Christmas day lunch Muizenburg and outreach fishoek to to kirstenhof  2018 and Cake for the Haven]]>Tue, 25 Dec 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/blog-haven-collaboration/christmas-day-lunch-muizenburg-and-outreach-fishoek-to-to-kirstenhof-2018-and-cake-for-the-haven
Christmas Lunch 25th in Muizenburg Park.and outreach to lakeside kirstenhof fish hoek
We were reminded again how those with so little have so much gratitude for each meal. Blessed are the humble and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Our Donors and volunteers ( Nathan Swart with his brother and friend came all the way from Greenpoint. Peter Van Heusden Provided one of the meals with a real live soup kitchen table to boot together with . @elizabeth storeys wonderful burger and veges meals enabling us to serve 2 hot meals
As well as via both food packs Donors Froula Van Zyl Jennifer Rands Wendy Purdon (and her friend Daisy Den who made 15 undergarments ) all in all enabled us ot serve 2 hot meals to each and to a total of R2424 packs were nothing short of amazing and gave 25 people food for several days for change. . Its tough to get your life together looking in bins ( as one of the gentlmen we found doing when we handed his lunch to him which was kinda sad on xmas day) or begging and even toughter on xmas day Karen Marais made an awesome huge cake for christmas day luch for th Haven Kalk bay as well ,,later we tooK food around lakeside fish hoek and kirstenhof too with more food donated by Grace Lin and her husband from Milnerton. We know its a small drop in the oceans of the communities kindness throughout the year so thank you so much to all of you too. In the comments we have thank you message video from one of the lovely people we spent a little time with.
<![CDATA[Meeting Mark and old friends.]]>Fri, 19 Oct 2018 12:29:14 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/blog-haven-collaboration/meeting-mark-and-old-friends
Mark , Laetitia Fernando and Rushana came to lunch today friday 19 october. I had met Mark a long time back and today he was with fernando . Just because mark is different i have to admit I was worried a little but off we went.
Mark is on a disability grant and unable to handle money. His sister with her kids helps him but mark still prefers to sleep on the street. Having a speech defect and problems with muscular coordination and being on the street. It left me with no words.

It was clear Mark would not see a social worker, but it seemed to me Mark has all his faculties but sometimes its so much  physical mannerisms and speech defects how we  define each other.

Fernanado has enough problems of his own but maintains a unconditional acceptance of mark in a way which, together with his homlessness and other difficulties few would be prepared to give Mark the tme of day

we really appreciate the HAVEN food ticket and FOOD OUTEACH donations  that help us keep doing this. please  
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At some level this registered with me once again, knowing more about fernando as i do too..it registered to me that we are simply not better in any way than anyone else.

It takes people like fernando to remind me of that now and then. But few take the opportunity to meet and talk if one looks a certain way , instead categorising all poeple as kind of the same.

 I take people in my car back and forth every week. There is nothing to fear . Quite the opposite. It is lesson in humility for me I am extremely grateful for.

Thank you people on the street and Isaac at the Haven for giving us this day of acceptance together. Really. Thank you.
<![CDATA[fishermans tales : CLIMATE CHANGE PORT NOLLOTH KALK BAY HAVEN LUNCH 19 SEPTEMBER]]>Mon, 24 Sep 2018 07:34:20 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/blog-haven-collaboration/fishermans-tales-climate-change-port-nolloth-kalk-bay-haven-lunch-19-septemberPicture

<![CDATA[Humour in the rain: kalk bay haven lunch]]>Mon, 24 Sep 2018 07:22:23 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/blog-haven-collaboration/humour-in-the-rain-kalk-bay-haven-lunch-12-september
I met Edward and Jeanine when travelling through  who said they like to come for lunch, then we piced rushan who lives in capricorn and comes through to be a car guard days ot muizenburg. James also joined us along the way  and we travelled through to kalk bay . despite the rain everyone was in quite a light moods and we told silly jokes.

We got totally soaked in klak bay when we arrived at kalk bay waiting for the gate to open but managed to find the humour in it :.

because of the rain many from the shelter were also in for lunch which was fish and chips.
some times days are sad, sometimes they are better byut what struck me was everyones willingness ot share smailes and warmth despite not easy circumstances.

 12 septem,ber

I asked jeanine what she thought about shelters and rules. she said there are rules everywhere , also on the street,. she laos relfecticly smiled and said ..perhaps one day people will be more kind.
I really hope for that day too when more people are accepted for who they are and cared for no matter who what and why. Im very grateful i have the chance to meet my fellow human beings in this way.
The public is welcome to join us at wednesday 1.00 lunches now and then - youre really welcome but let us know beforehand  soon at 1.00 at kalk bay on wednesday and if you like bring some goodies like  small cake or cool drink.

Feel free to help with a small donation if you'd like. (R50 buys 5 meals and showers) it was nice as usual to give person another ticket for the week and those we met on the way who could not come due to lack of  table space who we gave tiockets anyway amounting to around 20 tickets again for the week.  we really appreciate the HAVEN food ticket donations that help us keep doing this. please   CLICK HERE
12 september 2018

<![CDATA[ladies lunch: Car GUards muizenburg at kalk bay haven shelter]]>Mon, 24 Sep 2018 07:03:46 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/blog-haven-collaboration/ladies-lunch-car-guards-muizenburg-29-august-2018-at-kalk-bay-haven-shelter
Karen kindly baked an enormous chocolate cake which we shared both our guests come for lunch and the shelter folk. Thanks so much for this kind gesture karen !
irene lives in capricorn with a child and Mikaelin is a car guard without a home at the moment
We heard quite  from  Michaelis and Irene thats they had been given news from Law Enforcement that the City seems to be planning to implement parking meters . The details of how employment will be affected of the unregistered car guards seemed to have left some disquiet and concern as the feeling was from these women that any income , already very close to the breadline, would be cut more and for those living on the street if might be difficult to register for such work as they havent been able to become registered as it is.

There seemed to be a good relationship between these women and local law enforcment but still there was some sad disquiet for the future,
Irene would really like to learn hair styling. Its always been her dream.  Irene kindly gave us an interview almost a year back. since then she has besides part time domestic work, also had a job with EPWP in home care fomr some months but the contract came to an end as all EPWP contracts do.. Irene is really an excpetional person. please take a bit of time to listen to the video below and share to freinds to help irene . She would be a great blessing assisting in any position .
Lunch held 29 AUG 2018