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Its rare but always a pleasure for us to get ba large donation of mens cloths  ....as opposed to woman . This will enable us to give the first real donation of mens clothes weve been able to give in Muizenburg this May. Together with fiona schimmbachers donation in february weve sorted out 180 item  into 23 types of clothing . ( see list in gallery to then left)
<![CDATA[Clothes Bridget Farham]]>Sat, 23 Feb 2019 08:00:00 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/private-donors/clothes-bridget-farhamthanks so much for Bridget Farhams very kind donation once again.. Under wear was a really thoughtful and sought after donation which was passed on to Revamp the city for their dignity day at Falso Bay college on FEB 23 2019
<![CDATA[Clothes -fiona schwimmbacher]]>Mon, 11 Feb 2019 08:00:00 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/private-donors/clothes-fiona-schwimmbacher
Fiona Schwimmbacher very kindly took collection from various kind sources of a bulk load of clothes and passed them on to us. Together with Joseph Pollocks donation  weve sorted out 180 item  into 23 types of clothing . ( see list in gallery to the left)
<![CDATA[Christmas day lunch Muizenburg and outreach fishoek to to kirstenhof  2018 and Cake for the Haven]]>Tue, 15 Jan 2019 10:25:33 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/private-donors/christmas-day-lunch-muizenburg-and-outreach-fishoek-to-to-kirstenhof-2018-and-cake-for-the-haventhanks so much to nathan Swart and family friends/peter Van Heusden/Elizabeth Storey/Froula van Zyl/Jennifer rands/wendy purdon /Daisy den /karen Marais for your volunteering on the day /cooking / garment underwear making and Donations too !
Christmas Lunch 25th in Muizenburg Park.and outreach to lakeside kirstenhof fish hoek
We were reminded again how those with so little have so much gratitude for each meal. Blessed are the humble and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Our Donors and volunteers ( Nathan Swart with his brother and friend came all the way from Greenpoint. Peter Van Heusden Provided one of the meals with a real live soup kitchen table to boot together with . @elizabeth storeys wonderful burger and veges meals enabling us to serve 2 hot meals
As well as via both food packs Donors Froula Van Zyl Jennifer Rands Wendy Purdon (and her friend Daisy Den who made 15 undergarments ) all in all enabled us ot serve 2 hot meals to each and to a total of R2424 packs were nothing short of amazing and gave 25 people food for several days for change. . Its tough to get your life together looking in bins ( as one of the gentlmen we found doing when we handed his lunch to him which was kinda sad on xmas day) or begging and even toughter on xmas day Karen Marais made an awesome huge cake for christmas day luch for th Haven Kalk bay as well ,,later we tooK food around lakeside fish hoek and kirstenhof too with more food donated by Grace Lin and her husband from Milnerton. We know its a small drop in the oceans of the communities kindness throughout the year so thank you so much to all of you too. In the comments we have thank you message video from one of the lovely people we spent a little time with.

<![CDATA[New wardrobe for Our friend! thanks to our new anonymous donor!]]>Mon, 03 Dec 2018 13:31:15 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/private-donors/anonymous-donor-of-clothes-for-men-and-womenPicture
Our first donor from Capricorn ! So appreciate these high quality clothes anyone would be happy to wear. So did Ivan who said he was happy to share his pics. Ivan and I go a long way back now. Thanks to our anonymous donor and a previous donor were able to fit Ivan for all t his sizes of 3 pairs of shoes, shorts and a belt, several shirts and a jacket and several jeans all greatta quality. Something amazing when a person arrives with only 1 pair of shoes a few tshirts and i pair jeans !

Ivan is staying on woodstock shelter haven and also finding all sort of amazing support from The church of the Holy Spirit in Kirstenhof (click here) helpng with add jobs spiritual guidance and shelter fees. How generous!

In addition Haven in woodstock has helped Ivan through the process of applying for EPWP Contract for 3-6 months - which we are holding thumbs for all a good stepping stone! SO were comiung al long way from Ivan and ours first vist to ELIM SHELTER-click

the thing is who would NOT want to  have the privilege of helping Ivan.? ! One would have to meet him to know why and he is not the only person SO many amazing people waking on diffiucltcult paths on the street and we shojuld never forget each is an u. . One is very moved when ones knows Ivans struggles by his determination and in the end not giving up .Wow !

We are all part of human family and all of us involved in Ivans life owe him the debt of man with huge heart and gratitude and humility which all of us can learn from without a shadow of doubt.

Its very nice to sebe part ynergy between a wonderful church,  Our little organisation ( We took ivan to Elim shelter previously ) and now Woodstock Haven Shelter and EPWP .

Still many obstacles but we dont have to walk completely alone We can all walk each others paths too  if we choose, with justa  little interaction with other orgisations, even if not directly but from the sidelines, The amazing thing about the clothes though was they arrived the same day Ivan was ready for them, unbeknown to one of the donors

<![CDATA[Thanks Joseph Pollock for rare and very welcome donation of mens clothing]]>Mon, 29 Oct 2018 17:19:07 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/private-donors/thanks-joseph-pollock-for-rare-and-very-welcome-donation-of-mens-clothing
Some of josephs mens clothes collection handed out in muizenburg. Car guards were really grateful as mens clothes are not easy to come by.
Some the clothes donated by Joseph Pollock from ottery  being sorted by size and type. Joseph so kindly entrusted us with his labour of love finding and collecting al these mens clothes. How extrmely kind of Joseph who went to so much trouble finding them fomr various donors and putting them together for us . we have donated womens clothes ot Elim shelter before but in certain parts of the peninsual people need then more than others its very clearwe tried ot find those who were in the most desperate need. one of the people who was grateful Gerhardus who had been a fish hoek had just had his stolen ..sadly all to common on the street  but forutunely he is on his way to shelter . he really appreciated the blue overall and quilted jacket and some shirts.
We made small clothes packs of shorts , shoes and a few shirts  and distrubuted them in various parts of  peninsula to who we could including for a  change muizenburg and further north and we still have some including a few jerseys and still have a few more to give out.
When greeting people on the street its a good idea to look at poeple shoes or the remnants of shoes more than often . For men socks and underwear  in summer are as always in very short supply. we really appreciate donations  however small but thank you Joseph especially for this exceptional effort you made to do this !
<![CDATA[Gillian Van Dieman and friends for your 7  waterproof sleeping bags]]>Sat, 22 Sep 2018 15:13:00 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/private-donors/gillian-van-dieman-and-friends-for-your-waterproof-sleeping-bags
Thank you Gillian Van dieman for your amazing commnity spirit deciding to talk to your many work friends and our deepest thanks to them on behalf of peep on street, collecting money and getting this project together and collecting all of the 7 streetsleepers in Heathfield which we distributed in august this year. 

We tried and will continue trying to distribute  over the peninsula where those of us volunteering on the street  between between Westlake and Fish hoek had built up relationships with people living on the street for purposes of food, some of whom weve been able to connect connecting with shelter (2 went to the winter shelter at Elim  through these efforts ) and the social services of social connect for IDs as well. 

 2 of the 7 streetsleepers went to fish hoek folk who had already received a few from Eva van belle before, another 2 to 2 car guards sleeping on the mountain in Muizenburg, and 4 to those between westlake and muizenburg who previously had received little from our group .

Because sadly there are so many thefts on the street, even sadly of blankets and bags, M told me please to take his back in summer to look after them. Its important to know that although we can give so little it results in some hope and feeling of empathy that people on street do feel and appreciate it.

Our group was conceived to highlight awareness of peninsula and slowly we are collaborating with other groups and stretching out,. we hope that happens in the future more south in Simonstown if we can find a volunteer or 2 down there,  and now that we are aware of Jodie collections up to plumstead  hopefully we can find a few more to volunteer with her and little bit north and donate that side too . It is still a very cold wonter and any blankets are more than aprpeciated too.  we know that poeple ARE still bvery cold at night sadly. Simply by seeing them.Its is heartbreakbreaking and really should not be neccessary .but hopefully more will become aware and help not only our group but and others too, like church soup kitchens . we hope to bring your more informations from these church soujp kitchens and other soup kitchen  initiatives like soup dragons soon too.
Some soup kitchens  do help poeple from  all works of life .our grups tries ot focus mainly on homeless people in shellters and on street but both are obviously in great need.
Thanks again Gillian and your generous friends!

any others interested in helping our small group please CLICK HERE
to either join as a volunteer or part time donor however little you can manage and however irregularly .  Or follow our facebook group HERE

<![CDATA[Eva van Belle WOW 5 streetsleepers]]>Wed, 25 Jul 2018 06:34:40 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/private-donors/eva-van-belle-wow-5-streetsleepersPicture
Thank you so much Eva van belle for your generous donation of street sleeper sleeping bags which were handed to the people of Fish Hoek. and especially for the comment you made about "you know it wasnt enough"
In fact its one of the generous donations weve received Eva so thank you as these bags are not cheap .

Small donations really add up though. wouldnt it be wonderful if adults on the streets were donated to as generously as children on street. Perhaps donations reflect attitudes which hopefully become more genrous as times go by so homlessness one day however distant, is ended altogther

,,anyway Eva thanks so much for your wonderful empathy

<![CDATA[zaeemah and mark for endless freindship to people on streetb food and 2 sleeping bags]]>Tue, 17 Jul 2018 11:23:01 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/private-donors/zaeemah-and-mark-for-endless-freindship-to-people-on-streetb-food-and-2-sleeping-bags
thank you Zaeemah and mark  for your enormous time and effort you and give to the people who appreciate it so much on street in Fish Hoek

<![CDATA[July 17th, 2018]]>Tue, 17 Jul 2018 10:33:34 GMThttp://homelessfriends.org.za/private-donors/july-17th-2018